Herbolive Body Deodorant Crystal Roll On


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Herbolive Body Deodorant Crystal Roll On

  • The Deodorant Crystals, by Herbolive, are an alternative way of dealing with the undesirable body odours.
  • They act with a natural way against the bacteria that create odours, offering 24hours protection, without harming your body.
  • Contains : 70gr
  • Crystal Deodorant from Alunite

    Crystal deodorant HerbOlive is a 100% Natural Product. It is made of Alunite which is a volcanic mineral. The unique properties of this mineral have been known since ancient times. It is a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial effect used to treat numerous ailments such as bleeding gums, acne, nail fungus and angina. This crystal has a natural smell and no added chemicals, so it removes unpleasant odors without causing allergic reactions. This product has strong antiseptic and antiviral properties and is extremely economical to use.


    Crystal HerbOlive deodorant is a universal remedy for men and women. It doesn’t have particles that clog the pores of the sweat glands and therefore does not disrupt the natural function of the skin. The crystal destroys the bacteria that causes the unpleasant odor and provides reliable protection, while also not leaving any traces on your clothes.

    Wider Application/ Further Use:

    The crystal has further application:

    ● Highly effective against mosquito and fly bites, applied directly to the affected area

    ● Helps heal small cuts and scratches

    ● Used against infections of the oral cavity (placed under running water over a glass and gargled with this water)

    ● And uses again foot odor (wet crystal and apply to feet)

    ● Useful in the fight against foot fungus - the crystal is left immersed for 1-2 minutes in a glass of water, then that water gets added to a prepared foot bath

    ● Relieves sore throat - the crystal is immersed in a glass of water for 1-2 minutes then gargle with the water

    ● Cold and sinus relief - prepare nasal drops, using the method described above

    ● Herpes (including shingles) - the wet crystal can directly treat the affected spot

    ● Periodontitis and inflamed gums - gargle several times a day water that the crystal has been submerged into for 1-2 minutes


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